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"if you cant do it without grief, then you cant do it" - Wise Man

In the world of Heese SMP, creating an enjoyable and fair environment for all players is of utmost importance. To achieve this goal, it's crucial to establish a set of rules and guidelines that promote good sportsmanship, discourage disruptive behaviors, and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. This article outlines four fundamental rules that should be followed by all members of the community.

No Griefing

A griefer in interrogation

Griefing, in short on Heese SMP is defined as modifying any build made by another player without prior permission.

Examples of Griefing

  • Breaking blocks placed by another player
  • Adding blocks to builds of other players (for example, building a ladder to get over a wall, surrounding the build with obsidian)
  • Breaking blocks to gain access to or leave areas you shouldn't (for example, breaking a wall to enter a room)
  • Attacking armour stands, paintings, item frames
  • Using a farm, if the owner has specifically asked for no one to use it
  • Modifying natural blocks that could be considered part of a build (for example the lawn surrounding a house)
  • Knowingly owning items obtained by grief

What isn't Grief

  • Killing Players, as long as it does not turn into Spawnkilling
  • Stealing from unlocked chests
  • Killing Animals
  • Being annoying in Chat
  • Using Farms
  • Temporarily placing shulker boxes/crafting tables for the purpose of using them
  • Accidental Grief
    • If you do not notify us at the time of the grief using /staff, the grief will be considered as non accidental
    • Saying something is an accident isn't an automatic get out of jail free card, we may still choose to ban you if its obvious it isn't an accident, or you are blatantly being uncareful

But I was about to die! <or insert any other random excuse>

Grief is not allowed, no matter the situation. You have a choice between dying, or getting banned.

Building with Others

This is an announcement posted by the admins on 2024-01-18

The admin team now requires if you are building with someone else for you to place a sign stating that the other player has permission to modify your stuff. This is so the admin team can easily verify if you had permission or not. If you do not do this and cannot provide solid proof we cannot verify that you had permission and we will have to treat it as there was no permission granted.

No Cheating

Staff watching a potential X-Rayer

Cheating is using any unfair client modification, some of which include:

  • Any Cheat/Hacked Client
  • Flymod
  • X-Ray Texture Packs
  • Autoclickers
  • And anything else unfair

If you want to know if a mod is allowed, ask an Admin.

No Bug Abuse

Cheating also includes bug abuse (abusing any bugs not intended by the game). Only admins may ban players in this category, as it required investigation and careful consideration. Examples:

  • Duplication glitches
  • Glitching through blocks with ender pearls
  • Glitching through locked doors:
    • Opening a locked door and quickly throwing an ender pearl
    • Opening a locked door and somehow getting through with lag
    • Opening a locked door to quickly kill mobs
    • Opening a locked door and killing a player
  • What isn't considered glitching through locked doors:
    • Opening a locked door and quickly hitting a player once or twice (because this can be easily done by accident and it doesn't do much harm as the player can just back away)
    • Hitting/shooting a player, when their hitbox is outside of the locked door

No Spamming

Spamming on Heese SMP is the following:

  • Flooding the chat with nonsensical chat messages
  • Doxxing
  • Malicious Links
  • NSFW Links
  • Advertising of other minecraft servers

No PvP Harassment

PvP Harassment is defined as the repeated act of killing a player, thereby denying them the ability to engage in normal gameplay. Admins are the only individuals authorized to administer punishment for pvp harassment, as it necessitates thorough investigation. Prior to being banned for pvp harassment, a player will invariably receive a warning, due to how the rule is left open to interpretation by the admins. PvP Harassment is not:

  • Hitting/chasing a player, but not killing them
  • Killing them once or twice.
  • Killing someone when they consent to being killed.

If someone is PvP harassing you, make sure to always ask them to stop first. Some cases won't be considered PvP Harassment, which is why the rule is left open for interpretation by the admins.