Beginner's Guide to Heese SMP

From Heese SMP


Greetings Heesian. This guide is meant to inform you about the Heese SMP as a beginner, and the various activities to pursue.


Information about first connecting to the server. You may connect with either a Java or Bedrock edition account.


How to join:

  • Purchase Minecraft, pirated clients may not join.
  • Launch 1.20.4
  • Enter the IP
  • Click "Done" and join



How to join:

  • Open up your Bedrock app, make sure you're signed in and hit "Play"
  • Click on "Servers" then "Add Server"
  • Enter the IP and the port 8094
  • Click "Done" and join

What do I do?

Anything you want, as long as you don't break the rules. This is a survival server, and you choose your own destiny.

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